Wynajem Przyczep Chałupy 3


Are you looking for kitesurfing near Gdansk? Check out our place at Hel Penisula!  

The Chałupy 3 campsite is a modern camping site on the Hel Peninsula. It’s located on the third kilometer of the road towards Hel, between the “Kaper” and “Solar” campsites. It’s very easy to find, as there is only one road going down the Peninsula. Going in the direction of Hel, you will see a large banner on the right side of the road with the campsites name. The campsite was founded in the 90s. Thanks to the owners’ dedication, it became a very popular and prestigious summer vacation spot. A huge advantage is also the fact that you can kitesurf near Gdansk and the rest of the Tri-City- Sopot and Gdynia.


The amenities of the campsite are plentiful and modern. It’s easy to say that this is one of the best vacation spots in Europe. Right on site is the popular Surf Tavern restaurant, comfortable toilets and showers, grocery store, bar, beautiful pier and paved roads. Moreover, there are a few sports schools scattered around the camping site, along with three great surf shops. The camp site has its own shoreline on the Bay, with a beautiful pine forest opposing it.

Names ‘Trójka’, meaning Number 3, it became an iconic place on the Hel Peninsula map. It’s the perfect spot to try kitesurfing in Poland. The atmosphere is cozy and private, perfect for families, which differs from the other larger campsites in the area. For those interested in accommodation, we have a rental offer with a variety of caravans and Dutch style cabins to choose from. We recommend reserving your accommodation in advance, as the campsite is very popular during the summer season. If you need help finding accommodation, let us know- we can help!



One of the greatest advantages of our campsite is the location- its shoreline is one of the safest kitesurfing areas in the entire Chałupy region. The “kite meadow”, located just outside of our schools building, is a large green field where we have all the space we need to take out and organize our kites. Our courses take place in the bay, right next to a long grassy strip between two campsites- ‘Solar’ and ours. The area goes on for about 500m, making it a very safe spot to learn kitesurfing in Poland– no distractions or obstacles. 

Any collision of kites with the shore will only result in hitting grassy fields- no campers or rocks, like in many other campsites. On the other side of the campsite, right on the seaside beach entrance ‘Chałupy 10’, there is the legendary surf spot where the best surfers always go whenever there’s a northern swell.  It really is the best place to learn kitesurfing in Poland.


The Surf Tavern is one of the most popular restaurants on the entire Hel Peninsula. The food is amazing, there’s a huge terrace and one of the best views onto the Puck Bay. It’s one of the very few restaurants in the region that is open all year round.  

For more information about the Chałupy 3 campsite, check out their website: www.chalupy3.pl

Kitesurferzy na Zatoce Puckiej podczas słonecznego dnia Kitesurferzy na Zatoce Puckiej podczas słonecznego dnia

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