Kitesurferzy pływają na akwenie szkoleniowym szkoły kitesurfingu

Kitesurfing School at Chałupy 3 since 1999r.

Kite Zone Kitesurf School offers kitesurfing courses on all levels of advancement. You can be right at the beginning of your kitesurfing adventure and ready to learn kitesurfing, already a kitesurfer and want to master your technique, or want to work on your progress and evolution. We’re here to meet your needs. Over the past 20 years we have trained a few thousand people, on all levels of expertise and with various physical abilities. Everyone’s starting point is different. Kite Zone is not only a kitesurfing school. We also have a wide array of different disciplines, such as: Wakeboarding and Surfing.

All of our courses follow the standards of the Polish Kiteboarding Association. For all lessons we us brand new Cabrinha 2019 equipment with all necessary safety systems. We offer kites in many sizes, so each trainee has their perfect fit according to weight and abilities. The young and energetic Kite Zone Crew is comprised of experienced instructors, professional competitors and multi athletes.

Our Kite Zone base is open on the Hel Peninsula from April 28 until September 20. Before and after the summer season we offer various trips abroad, and during the winter season we’re at our Snowkite School in Norway.


Safety is our priority. During our lessons we secure all trainees with a motorboat and constant contact with our experienced instructors through a wireless intercom system. We’re the only school in Chałupy that uses the BBTalkin technology in our standard offer. This system ensures that students are always in contact with their instructor.

Being fair towards our clients is key for us, therefore we always try to find the best offer depending on weather conditions.

All of our lessons are held individually or in groups of maximum two students.

For the past couple of years we’ve been developing the KITE KIDS program- kitesurfing courses for children. We teach our youngest students kitesurfing starting at 8 years old. The Foil revolution has also taken over our school. We offer a program of courses on the Hydrofoil- a winged board bringing kitesurfing to a whole new level.  



The core of our training crew is composed of certified instructors with at least a few years teaching experience. All instructors of Kite Zone Kitesurfing School have a license from the Polish Kiteboarding Association, or the International Kiteboarding Organization ( Each year we offer instructor certifying courses of the Polish Kiteboarding Association, from which the best surfers are chosen to work at our school.



Kite Zone Kitesurfing School is located at the Chałupy 3 Camping Site on the Hel Peninsula. Chałupy 3 is a modern camping site, with all amenities for a comfortable stay, as well as the popular restaurant- The Surf Tavern. The camp site has its own shoreline on the Bay, with a beautiful pine forest opposing it. Chałupy 3 is a very popular summer destination on the Hel Peninsula. The atmosphere is cozy and private, perfect for families, which differs from the other larger campsites in the area.

For those interested in our accommodation offer, you can rent a caravan or Dutch style summer cabin. One of the biggest assets of our campsite is definitely the safest place to kitesurf along the entire Chałupy shoreline.


We are one of the first kitesurfing schools in Poland, founded in 1999 by the countries first kitesurfing Champion in 2001- Igor Czernik. We have been sharing our passion for kitesurfing for the past 20 years. Our students often become our true friends, and we treat everyone with the same passion and engagement. Kite Zone is a family company, currently owned by Bartosz Czernik, the son of Kite Zone’s founder, brother to one of the schools top instructors- Kasper.

Many truly passionate kitesurfers have worked in Kite Zone over the 20 years of its functioning. Many of them have opened their own schools, some are professional competitors in kitesurfing, while others chose the discipline as a lifestyle and travel the worlds best kitesurfing spots. We have always had an influence on shaping the discipline of kitesurfing in Poland. Our school has been in the same spot, ever since it’s opening. You can definitely say that we grew up and into this place 🙂

Kitesurferzy na Zatoce Puckiej podczas słonecznego dnia Kitesurferzy na Zatoce Puckiej podczas słonecznego dnia

Summer base on the Hel Peninsula
ul. Starowiejska, Kemping Chałupy 3
84-120 Władysławowo
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